tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities
  • General Assembly General Assembly

    The General Assembly is composed of all members from city governments to private sector members. It is the supreme organ of the organization and convened biennially in the member city who wants to hold it.

  • Executive Committee Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is currently comprised of 1 president city, 3 co-president cities, and 9 cities who represent each country. It deliberates on significant issues related to the operation of TPO within the resolution of General Assembly such as the budget plans, the joint projects, and the admission of new members. Decisions made at the Executive Committee shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

  • Secretariat Secretariat

    TPO Secretariat, located in Busan, serves as the center of communication and project management for all the members. It provides support for international exchanges, business building, and cooperation among members in any way considered.