Overview of Ho Chi Minh City

Chào mừng đến với Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City representing South Vietnam is located in the middle of the Mekong Delta. This city is a major economic center in Vietnam.
The city was 'Saigon'. But it was renamed as Ho Chi Minh City after the first president “'Ho Chi Minh”.
Called ‘Paris of East’, the city has many French architectural buildings with over 300 years of French influence.
So you can enjoy both Eastern and Western culture.
The whole city is photogenic.

Population 8.76 million(2017)
Area 2090 ㎢
  • Subtropical climate The city has two distinct seasons: Dry season (Dec. - Apr.) & Rainy season (May - Nov.)
  • The average temperature from 26 to 28°C, The average humidity is 80% per year
  • The annual precipitation is over 1,900㎜.

Practical Information


The official currency of Vietnam is the Dong (VND). The denominations are from 100 to 500,000 (100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000). The notes are quite colorful. The VND 20,000 and VND 500,000 are especially similar in color. The VND 500,000 note is just a bit larger. Please check twice when you pay in cash.
And because the denomination of the currency is large, unit of thousand is usually designated by the letter K in menu and price tag. For example, you can see VND 60,000 as 60 K.
Make sure your exchanged notes are clean and crisp with no tears or writing. They will not be accepted otherwise.

Taxis are numerous. But to guarantee the quality, choose famous taxi companies such as Mai Linh (HCMC Hotline (+84) 8 38 38 38 38) or Vinasun (HCMC Hotline (+84) 8 38 27 27 27). Please check the taxi's logo and the company phone number in detail.
All reputable taxi companies will start the meter as soon as you start the journey. These days, many visitors also get a reliable ride with the Uber or Grab app. Don’t assume that your driver knows how to reach your destination. They also speak very little English, so sometimes you should write down your destination or at least carry a map or smartphone with GPS.
One of the best ways to check out Ho Chi Minh City is on foot. But main transportation in Vietnam is Motorbike, local traffic doesn’t really flow so much as it lurches in waves. Crossing the street in Vietnam is scary and a bit dangerous.
Do not expect that motorbikes are trying to anticipate your movements to avoid hitting you. Keep a steady pace and raise your arm to let the motorcyclists know that you are actually crossing the street. Also it can be a bit annoying you when you have to share the sidewalk with motorbikes. Make sure you walk with purpose and be quick on your feet.

Tip is not expected, especially at local restaurants, but international venues and massage shop have become used to the practice.
Leave enough for coffee: VND10,000-15,000. That is approximately 1 USD.