Tour of Medan City


Date & Time Day 1: Wen, Nov. 9, 09:00 ~ 13:00
Tour Course Grand Mosque Al Mashun, Istana Maimoon, Tjong Afie Mansion
Participants All delegates who submitted registration forms online before Friday 4 November 2022
Language English, Bahasa Indonesia
Grand Mosque Al-Mashun

Grand Mosque of Medan was built in the year 1906 and completed in 1909. In beginning of its establishment, the mosque was a part of the Maimun palace complex. Its architectural style combines Middle Eastern, Indian and Spanish elements. The mosque has an octagonal shape and has wings to the south, east, north and west.

Maimun Palace (Istana Maimun)

Maimun Palace (Indonesian: Istana Maimun) is an istana (royal palace) of the Sultanate of Deli and a well-known landmark in Medan, the capital city of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Today, it serves as a museum. The name is the Arabic word for "blessing".

Tjong A fie Mansion

Tjong A Fie Mansion is a two-story mansion in Medan, North Sumatra. The building is constructed in Chinese-European-Art Deco style, and was completed in 1900. It built by Tjong A Fie (1860–1921) a Hakka merchant who came to own much of the land in Medan through his plantations.

Tour of North Sumatra


Date & Time Day 4: Sat, Nov. 12
Tour Course Lake Toba
Participants All delegates who submitted registration before Friday, November 4, 2022
Language English, Bahasa Indonesia

Covering seven districts in North Sumatra (Simalungun, Toba Samosir, Samosir, North Tapanuli, Dairi, Karo and Humbang Hasundutan). Lake Toba is an icon of North Sumatra Province. This 100km wide lake is the largest volcanic lake in the world, and is still a magnet for tourists visiting North Sumatra. The beautiful lake environment and surrounded by hills is a suitable place to relax and spend time for domestic and foreign tourists, when they visit North Sumatra.