TPO Regional Meeting 2022 for Indonesia


Date & Time Day 3: Fri, Nov. 11, 16:00 ~ 18:00
Venue SPDC, Groud Fl. Ballroom 1
Participants Indonesian Members
Language English, Indonesian


The Regional Meeting aims to Provide the members with updates from the TPO Secretariat, as well as an opportunity for Indonesian members to get together and exchange valuable information related to the tourism industry in each city. The Meeting will also be a platform for Indonesian members to present their questions and proposals to the TPO Secretariat, and consider way to expand the TPO membership in Indonesia.

  1. Agenda 1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Agenda 2. TPO activities & The role of the Executive Committee
  3. Agenda 3. Discussion
    a. Activities for Indonesian members b. Ways to enhance communication between Indonesian members and the TPO Secretariat
  4. Agenda 4. Venue and date of the next Regional Meeting for Indonesia
  5. Agenda 5. Suggestions
    a. TPO’s existing projects and activities for the year 2023 b. Other matters as proposed by the members