Opening Ceremony


Date & Time Day 2: Thu, Nov. 10, 09:00 ~ 09:50
Venue SPDC, Groud Fl. Convention 2
Participants Hybrid (TPO Members)
Language English-Indonesian simultaneous interpretation


Content Remarks
Performance Traditional Performance
Opening MC
Introduction of Participants MC
(Introduce VIP only, others should be shown on PPT slide)
Opening Remarks Mr. Edy Rahmayadi,
Governor of North Sumatra (in-person)
Welcome Remarks 1 Mr. Park Heong-joon,
Mayor of Busan, TPO President (video recording)
Welcome Remarks 2 Ambassador Woo Kyoung-ha,
Secretary General of TPO (in-person)
Congratulatory Remarks 1 Mr. Muhammad Bobby,
Mayor of Medan
Congratulatory Remarks 2 Mr. Li Baochun,
Executive Deputy Secretary General of WTCF (video recording)
Family group photos VIP group photo
full group photo (Including VIPs)
Closing MC